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What book(s) are you sharing this time?
I’m actually covering two books in the same series today. They are romantic comedies – one of the genres I love to write. I developed the “Second Time Around” series several years ago, believing there is an interest in stories about folks who have had a broken relationship due to death, divorce, or other circumstances. Many men and women have this happen today – in fact, we’ve probably all been there at one time or another.

Even though the series does not continue with the same characters in each book, the premise is applied to all the books – either through a female or male character.

Book 1 is “Sauce for the Goose” – Here’s the back cover copy:

“The girl has got to go!

 To save her son from a romantic mistake, Laurel Edmonds renews some former relationships of her own. Complications abound when new beau Mike Hudson is added to the mix.

 Her romantic dilemmas, her plot to save her son, and worries about her mother, aka the Bus Queen, force Laurel to cope with a fake engagement gone real, a surprise wedding, and a confession she never imagined she’d have to make.”

 Book 2 in the series is “Kissing Frogs” – Back cover copy:
“Until she decides to look for a husband, Em Snider is so-o-o-o in control of her life. But her trip on the internet matchmaking highway soon shows her that she can’t control the journey.

 Her first encounter is a warning. There are toads out there! A Christian internet matchmaking service provides Em a chance to discover Prince Charming, if she can survive the shocks.

Em is soon ready to quit, or will true love still come about in a way she never dreamed if she’ll quit stepping on the brakes and let God be in control?”

Both books have a surprise ending (at least I hope it’s a surprise) that readers will hopefully enjoy.

 What are you working on now?
At the moment, I have a manuscript out for critique for Book 1 of a new mystery series I’m writing – the “Staged for Murder” series. The series takes home stager Ari Ames and places her in precarious circumstances, complete with dead bodies, as she pursues her staging career. Book 1 is “Murder Outside the Box.”

I’m also editing two other books – Book 3 in the “Second Time Around” series – “Double Trouble”, and Book 1 of the “Out of Time” series (a futuristic suspense series) entitled “Time Out.”

 What do you do in your spare time?
What spare time?  Seriously, there isn’t a whole lot of it…but my first choice for a pastime is always reading! (No surprise there?) I try to read in my genres and also re-read some of the classics I’ve enjoyed over the years. Some of those bygone authors told a great story so I can learn from them as well as be entertained.

 I also like to spend time with my going-on-9-year-old grandson when possible and with my sisters who all live fairly close by.

 How can fans find you on the Internet?
I have a website: and it will keep fans abreast of what I’m working on and what’s published and when.

 I’m also on Facebook: - please ‘like’ my author page for continuing up-to-date info about what’s going on.


  1. Hi, Dorothy!

    Enjoyed learning more about you & your books. The books sound like a lot of fun - thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of one of your books!


    1. Thanks, Bonnie. I think it's fun. It's Book 2 in the may want to check out my website for Book 1.



  2. Would love to win this book. I review every book I win and then share it. God Bless
    jrs362 (at) Hotmail (dot) com

    1. Great idea to review and share! Hope you like
      the book if you win.



  3. hey nice post Dawn, I love your style of blogging. It reminds me of an equally interesting blog on my reading list which is
    keep up the good work meh and also, please visit my blog and drop a comment even if it's a simple "nice post" reply.


  4. How interesting! Now I'm going to go out and look for your books!! Thank you for sharing with us I would be thrilled to win..:)

    1. Thanks for entering, Julianna. You can find my other books on



  5. I do enjoy a Romantic Comedy. How fantastic to hear about both books here.


    1. I love the romantic comedies, too, Mary...they
      are so fun to write.

      Hope you'll enjoy both books.


      Dorothy (D. A.)

  6. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win your books. Our church library readers will love them!
    Janet E.

  7. Hope you and your church readers will enjoy both books, Janet. Love church libraries!


    Dorothy (D.A.)


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