Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ebooks Verses Print Books

First and foremost, I'm a book collector. I've been one for approximately 20 years. It all began when I found a Nancy Drew book in an antique store in Charlotte in the 1990's. This book was blue with an orange silhouette of Nancy Drew on the cover. It intrigued me because I'd never seen one before. Nancy Drew had been my favorite as a child. I must have read all that the library in our small town had to offer. I bought the book and from then on purchased every "old" Nancy Drew book I could find. Truth be told, I had over 1,000 at last count if you take into consideration my paperback collection.

Since I'm a book lover at heart, you can imagine how I've fought the dawning of a new age...the ebook. I love the smell of a printed book, especially an old one. It's kind of a sweet smell. Calming for the soul. I vowed that I would never buy an ebook. My money would never support publishing companies that might eventually cause the print book to fade into nonexistence.

I was browsing the internet one day and ran across a blurb about Michelle Sutton's new release Danger at the Door. Since I work full-time in the mental health field, I really wanted to read it. I was disappointed that it was offered only as an ebook. I tossed the idea around for a few weeks before e-mailing Michelle to ask her if she recommended her publisher, Desert Breeze Publishing. She did and was so nice in her reply that I decided to give the book a try.

The end result was that I loved it. I had a little trouble getting it downloaded to my Blackberry because I didn't know that I needed reading software (You can download Mobipocket for free.) The people at Desert Breeze were wonderful. I'd downloaded a .pdf file and was disappointed when it became too blurry to read when I zoomed in on it on the Blackberry. Gail at Desert Breeze understood my plight and e-mailed me a .prc format that worked wonderfully.

That said, I absolutely love ebooks. I'm not killing trees, using expensive ink and lugging around a heavy object. And best of all, I can read when I want my cell phone. And, I can read in bed with hubby right beside me and don't have to worry about disturbing him with a bedside light. I can adjust the font if needed and there's no need to spend money on an expensive Kindle or ebook reader. Also, ebooks are very inexpensive (Michelle's was $5.99 at http://www.desertbreezepublishing.com/) and many ebooks are free if they're in the public domain. An internet acquaintence recommended http://www.fictionwise.com/, but I've not yet purchased from them. . I've had a great experience with ebooks (Michelle's book is wonderful!) and I believe them to a wave of the future. After all, how many people fought purchasing a dvd player? Cell phone? And, now an ebook? It is my hope that the ebook is here to stay.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

September Contest Dealines

September 1
Southwest Florida Romance Writers
Hold Me, Thrill Me Contest

Valley of the Sun RWA
Hot Prospect Contest

East Texas RWA
Southern Heat

Romance Writers Ink
Where the Magic Begins

September 4
Oklahoma RWA
Finally A Bride

September 5
SpacecoasT Authors of Romance RWA
Launching A Star

September 11
Mid-America RWA
Fiction From The Heartland

Missouri RWA
Gateway to the Best

September 30
White Rose Publishing
Hearts Crossing

East Valley Authors Query Contest

Disclaimer: This is by no means a full list of all contests offered. I do not endorse or recommend any contest, but provide these dates for information purposes only. Dates are always subject to change by contest chairs. Do your own research before entering any contest.