Monday, April 15, 2013

Susan Page Davis' "Revolution at Barncastle Inn"

Title: Revolution at Barncastle Inn

Cover Blurb:  Lily Mitchell’s sister organizes a Patriot’s Day vacation at the Barncastle, with the entire week’s activities set in Revolutionary War days. Lily’s husband was killed in Afghanistan two years ago, and she’s found it hard to move on. A fun vacation where Lily’s family joins Vermont “Patriots” takes her mind off her grief—until one of the “Redcoat” officers quartered at the inn draws her attention. Ethan Danvers is a modern day history professor who enjoys eighteenth-century re-enactments and makes a very convincing British officer. Though they oppose each other in the re-enactment, Ethan makes a special connection with Lily and her son. They’re enemies for the week—but will they be allies for life?
This e-book also contains "Where There’s Smoke,” an original romantic short story by Susan Page Davis, as bonus content.

1)      How did this story come to you?
        I’m one of four authors who wrote the Christmas at Barncastle Inn collection of novellas a couple of years ago. We asked the publishers if they would consider doing more stories about Barncastle Inn, a family-run inn in Vermont where you can spend your vacation in any time period you wish. The publisher declined, but we loved the characters and the premise so much that we decided to write more stories. We’re writing more novellas and releasing one a month as e-books. We’ve called the series Celebrate Any Time.
Since the month for my next original book in the series fell in April, I chose to set it against a Patriot’s Day background. This holiday is official in the states of Massachusetts and Maine (which was part of Massachusetts until 1820).  It commemorates the anniversary of Paul Revere’s Ride and the battles of Lexington and Concord. A story of a re-enactment came to mind, with a quiet, unassuming man playing the part of an obnoxious British officer.

2)      Tell us about the journey to getting the book published.
      The four of us discussed it as authors and decided to move ahead and expand the series. We agreed on a schedule that we hope will allow us to publish a new novella every month. We edit for each other, with each author responsible for her cover and the actual publishing.
The theme of the original books carries through, and the series has threads of romance and Christian faith. Whether it’s a pirate Christmas or a colonial-era Patriot’s Day, you can celebrate any time at Vermont’s Barncastle Inn. Other new books in the series include Spring Comes to the Barncastle, by Lynette Sowell (now available), Barncastle Memorial, by Darlene Franklin (May 2013), and Showdown at the Barncastle (June 2013), from Janelle Mowery. We hope the readers enjoy the new adventures at Barncastle Inn as much as we have.

3)      Tell me three things about yourself that would surprise your readers.
I was a spelling champion in eighth grade. I had a major stroke at the age of 43, but by God’s grace made a complete recovery. I am descended from John Alden of Mayflower fame.
4)      What are you working on now, and what’s next for you?
I am currently writing a new cozy mystery for Guideposts.

5)      Parting comments
I am giving away three copies of Revolution at Barncastle Inn, which is an e-book. It can be read on Nook, Kindle, a computer or other device. Commenters who do not read e-books can indicate that, and I will substitute another print book for up to two of the winners. You can choose the Christmas at Barncastle Inn in paperback or a different book.

The featured book (Revolution at Barncastle Inn) can be purchased for 99 cents at:
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6)      Where can fans find you on the Internet?
My website is at:, and you can read more about the Celebrate Any Time series on my Romance page:
And I post on the 23rd of each month on the Christian Fiction Historical Society:

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