Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Molly Noble Bull's "Cinderella Texas"

Cinderella Texas (The Cattlemen Series – Volume 1)
by Molly Noble Bull

My new novel, Cinderella Texas, is the retelling of a famous fairy tale complete with a shoe problem for the heroine, Alyson Spencer. A prince-like cowboy is the hero of this modern western, Robert Lee Greene IV—called Quatro. Quatro is a rancher, an oil baron and one of the richest men in Texas, and he is also a widower with two school age children. How could Alyson have guessed that when she couldn’t find a teaching job in Dallas, she would accept a position home schooling Quatro’s children and be paid a tremendous salary for doing it?

City girl, Alyson, expects life on the huge Greene Ranch in South Texas to be idyllic. She will be living in Quatro’s home along with his children, his parents and his grandfather, and she visualizes a majestic mansion surrounded by well-tended gardens—a swimming pool and servants at her beckon call.

What she finds causes her to want to fly back to Dallas. Quatro and his family believe that modern technology corrupts. The rundown two-hundred-year old dog-run house on the cover of Cinderella Texas is the Greene home. The house is without electricity and all necessities of normal American life.

Alyson tries to get out of her teaching contract, but it is unbreakable. How is she expected to teach modern children without a computer and a working telephone? And why is Quatro so handsome and yet so pig-headed?

As with all my novels, Cinderella Texas has a Christian message that I hope will point others to the Lord. Cinderella Texas is a lighthearted romance that will make you smile. Maybe it will even make you laugh, and it is available as an e-book and will soon be published in paperback.

As the first in The Cattlemen Series, more of my westerns will follow. To find Cinderella Texas and all my novels at Amazon or Barnes and Noble, write Molly Noble Bull in the search slot.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful book and I would love to read it. rdunson at knology dot net.

  2. This book sounds like a fun book to read..I would love to read it..Thank you for the chance donitacorman@yahoo.com

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  4. We have a home near here that is like that one. The family moved from up north and rebuit a run down old house and barn. No lights, well for water. No thought it would last. They have lived there over 20 years now. Some of the other family have since come and that have homes without electricity also. Some of the nicest I know. Some of the ladies work at the local Wal Mart. Modern people not religious strange people. I would love to read a book like yours. Thanks for the chance.Have a blessed Christmas.

  5. CINDERELLA TEXAS sounds wonderful. I look forward to reading the entire series.


  6. Cinderella Texas sounds like a fun read! :) Thanks for this giveaway!

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  7. I hope I am in time to be considered to win a Free E-copy of Molly Noble Bull's first volume in her new Cattleman Series, "CINDERELLA TEXAS". It sounds like a series with which I would very much like to get involved. You've definitely got MY INTEREST!!

    Just Anita