Monday, April 9, 2012

Mistaken Identity or Shattered Identity by K. Dawn Byrd

Mistaken Identity: Eden Morgan longs for a boyfriend of her own, an impossible goal when her best friend, Lexi Branson, gets all the attention and all the guys. When they fall in love with the same guy, Eden believes she doesn't have a chance. She can only hope that sometimes the good girl gets the guy.

Mistaken Identity YouTube book trailer:

Shattered Identity: Nineteen-year-old Lexi Branson thinks she's found the guy of her dreams. He's hot, wealthy, and older. She soon finds out that sometimes the perfect guy turns out to be perfectly dangerous.

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  3. I cannot pass an opportunity to win a book. I love reading and sharing my books with my girls. Love to win and thanks so much for the giveaway.

  4. Thanks for the comments! These books were so much fun to write!

  5. Good morning! I really haven't read much in the way of YA, so this is a chance for me to explore a whole new territory. Your books sound wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity.


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  7. I would love to read Mistaken Identity. Thanks for offering them up.


  8. Hey, guys! A little bit of a warning about Shattered Identity... it's for the more mature teeen. I don't think it would be appropriate for the more sheltered home schooled kid. Lexi is unsaved and is living the life of an unsaved 19 year old, lying to her mom, sleeping over at her boyfriend's house.

    Shattered Identity is the story of a woman in an abusive relationship and even though I'm not really graphic with the abuse, it will hit home because you'll care about Lexi and want her out of that relationship. The book is a warning to young women of how easy it is to get into an abusive relationship and how hard it can be to get out.

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