Monday, November 21, 2011

Tiffany Amber Stockton's "Bound by Grace"

Title: Bound by Grace

Publisher: Barbour Publishing / Heartsong Presents

Cover blurb: While young ladies happily attend parties, gossip, and pursue eligible gentleman, Charlotte would rather run her bookshop and discuss great literature with her customers. But when her parents pressure her to agree to an advantageous match, Charlotte fears she'll be trapped in a loveless marriage. Richard Baxton feels pressure at every turn. The accidental deaths of his brother and sister-in-law leave him responsible for the family business and his niece Grace, who is unable to walk. When Grace's love for books leads him to Charlotte's bookshop, Richard is drawn to Charlotte's sweet spirit. But endless problems leave Richard unable to afford the surgery that may allow Grace to walk again and to assure Charlotte's parents that he could provide for their daughter. Time is running out before Grace is permanently paralyzed, Charlotte is forced to marry a man she barely knows, and Richard will lose the woman he loves. Will God's grace bind them together as they confront their challenges?

1) How did this story come to you?
I wrote a series that released in 2008, set in Delaware during the Colonial era. Many of my readers asked if I was going to continue that family’s story at some point. So, when my editor asked me for another 3-book series, I jumped forward a little over 100 years and continued the family a few generations down the line, using a book that figured prominently in the first book of the previous series to tie the couples together in each of the 3 books of the new series. It proved quite a challenge—albeit an enjoyable one—to research the area over 100 years into the future and map out the family lineage from where I left off to where I began with this book.

2) Tell us about the journey to getting this book published.
There isn’t much to say, to be honest. Since I had already sold 8 books to my publisher, I didn’t have to do anything more than pitch a paragraph or two about this series to my editor. She loved the premise and sent me a contract from a 2-page synopsis.

3) Tell me three things about yourself that would surprise your readers.
1) Before I married, I was the only living female Miller in my family (except my mother who married into the name).
2) My grandfather’s cousin married President Woodrow Wilson while he was president, so I’m somewhat related to “American Royalty.” :)
3) I work for international celebrity Jane Seymour, handling her fan mail and managing her web site.

4) What are you working on now and what's next for you?
I am currently writing book 2 in this series (Stealing Hearts), and it’s due in January. My next book releases in May 2012, and it’s a novella (Colonial Courtships) with 3 other authors. I’m also working on a 3-book series for Harvest House Publishers, and there’s a possibility of another book for an ongoing series partnering multiple authors from a single literary agency working in collaboration. That’s a relatively new development, so nothing is confirmed yet.

5) Parting comments?
I’d like to thank K. Dawn for having me here today, and you for stopping by to read this interview.

6) Where can fans find you on the internet?
Look me up anytime at There, you will find links to my blog, Facebook fan page, and Twitter account. I love to hear from my readers, and anyone who follows or is interested in my writing career. Drop a note. I always respond within 48-72 hours, unless one of my 2 little ones interrupts my nicely made plans. :)


  1. Hi, this sounds like a really good book. Thanks for making it available . I would love to have it in my personal library!
    Thanks so much.

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  3. I don't know that I have a unique aspect or characteristic that others would want to read about. I live a good life, but nothing out of the ordinary. An insightful question.

    BOUND BY GRACE looks wonderful.


  4. Marianne said...
    Dawn, you picked a winner this time...i HAVE to read this author's novels. Will be looking for Tiffany's where ever i go!
    i can't look at myself objectively and see me in a novel, but there is an incident that happened to my sister-in-law that might make an interesting happening. We two were traveling on a narrow 2 lane highway one winter night when we met a semi-truck with a wide load. Just as we neared the truck another vehicle pulled out to pass the truck - Neither one of us knows how we managed to all stay on the road and no one got hit. An angel obviously steered our vehicle! i still get shivers when i think of that night, cause we both knew that with a vehicle coming at us in our lane, there was no where to go! We stopped and prayed a prayer of thanksgiving before traveling on.

    i forgot to post my email address


  5. Your book sounds interesting. I've been working on a memoir and there are elements of my past that seem interesting to people. I grew up in an abusive environment and because the abuse didn't stop, I gave up on God. For forty years, in rebellion to God, I pursued the occult. I worked with psychics, read tarot cards professionally, was a priestess of a coven of 150 witches in Chicago, spent time pursuing many new age religions and practices until I finally found the One who brought real healing. Guess some of that might be good fodder for a fiction novel.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day.

    Heather Marsten
    HM at HVC dot RR dot COM

    Thanks for your book offer.

  6. Hi, your book sounds really great! I love to read and would be lost without books. You posted a thought provoking question to be sure. I've been disabled for 12 yrs. with RSD; lot of pain. Raised 3 kids on my own. Years ago after leaving an abusive husband my children & I moved into an apartment. I had no $ or job yet. One day when walking I glimpsed something in the bushes. It was several lawn bags of soda cans which meant $ to me. I had walked by that same spot several times & never saw the bags prior. That evening my son got really sick & needed medicine. I had the money thanks to those cans!
    Tracey Krieg

  7. Well I can sing so that has always made me feel unique especially when I was young. Thank you for the giveaway!


  8. Hi Tiff, I'm so excited to read your new book! I love that you continued the story of that family :) One thing about me that might make an intriguing character "quirk", if you will, is that I was homeschooled from kindergarten to high school. Provided for some fun times when I went to college let me tell ya! :) But I loved it and wouldn't have it any other way.

  9. Oops! Forgot to include my email address: potosrose (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. While I was in Highschool and the guys were asking the girls to the Senior prom, I asked my boyfriend to a church dance. He took care of all the arrangements for the date activities before the dance. He reserved a helicopter and dinner reservations at a nice restaurant. What a great experience and then to fly into the place reserved for the dance.

    The book sounds great.

  11. love Tiffany's books thanks for chance to win

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  12. would love to read this novel...thanks for the chance :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  13. I am a good listener. I can draw people out of themselves. I know how to get people to talk and talk and talk!

  14. Marianne, I've had a similar experience, and it truly was angels who kept us all safe, because I remember looking behind us and there was no way our vehicle could have fit through the space we saw.

    Heather and Tracey, you both have intriguing pasts that could bring a lot of depth to the backstory of a character in a novel. And look how far you've come! Praise the Lord!

    Margaret, it's funny you mention singing, as most people who can don't realize just how unique a gift it is and how it affects so many areas of their lives.

    Renee, I too was homeschooled, although not 100%. I sort of had it all: private, public, homeschool, advanced academics. No wonder I'm all mixed up. :)! A helicopter ride? Sounds like quite a night!

    And Carol, that's a fantastic trait to have. I don't have it, but I admire those who do.

    Good luck to everyone! Thanks for dropping by.

  15. Would love to read your book, sounds great. I know probably hear that a lot.. but I do believe that the post I have read here so far really do mean just that. Some have read your other books, but I have yet to read them. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.
    As far as myself.. while growing up with three brothers, being raised by our Father who was a minister, and his Mother, (whom I love and miss so much, she died when I was in 7th grade)Our Grandmother was a very devote Christian. (Pentecostal)But on the other hand our mother was a bar maid, (head barmaid) We loved her very much but did not get to see her much. Even when my grandmother died. I took on the role of house keeper, cooking, (grandma taught me everything when I was very young) Thanks Grandma, I made sure the clothes where washed and all... Don't know if that interest anyone or not.. Mom and I didn't really have a relationship until I got married and had my first child... we are great friends now.

  16. Hi Tiffany: I would love to have the opportunity to win your book, and then after reading it, pass it down to my granddaughter. She is 21 and has had some very dramatic things happen to her when it comes to relationships. I try to mentor her as a grandmother but she thinks I am out of touch and don't know what she's going through. I've been married to her grandpa for 40 years so I think I know a little something about relationships. I just pray I get the chance to win your book to share with her also. She loves to read, and for that small blessing, I am grateful. Thank you in advance.
    Jennifer Rankins, Painesville, Oh

  17. Please enter me in this contest. Thank you.

  18. This sounds like a great book! Thanks for the chance.

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  19. Kim, I also grew up with 3 brothers (I'm second in the line-up), but no pastor father or barmaid mother. Just devoted Christians who will be married 40 years next year and showed me how to keep a marriage strong with God at the center.

    Jennifer, it's an amazing servant action you're doing for your granddaughter. While this book doesn't have a lot of drama in regard to the relationships, I can recommend my first book, Promises Promises as one with some pivotal relational scenes. Quills and Promises as well as Copper and Candles are other ones with relationships at the core.

    Thanks again to everyone stopping by.

  20. This sounds like such a good book to read. The only characteristic that I can think about myself is that I am very caring and very willing to listen when someone needs to talk and needs help. I am there for them.


  21. Please enter me in this contest. Thank you.

  22. Tiff! How had I not heard of this title yet? I'm excited.

    As for the question... well I haven't the slightest idea how to answer that question. I guess the fact that I love genealogy and can get wrapped up in researching the past that I spend too much time involved with books and searching that watching what's really going on around me. (Not so much now with the girls though...) But that might be a neat character quirk.

  23. Hi Tiffany! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of "Bound by Grace", these giveaways are so exciting for us book lovers, wannabe writers. :) My 18 year old daughter/fellow book addict/wannabe writer, would love to have one of your books, so it would be cool to win one for her, but I would get to read it first! :)

    In answer to your question, I definitely think my GREAT relationship with my daughter, the special bond we share and the fact that with all the things we've gone through (and are still facing) in the past year, we have been so blessed with gift of being able to find the humor in just about everything. Laughter has saved our lives and we usually find something to laugh about everyday. Her contagious laugh touches me to the depth of my soul and lifts my spirits no matter how I am feeling. In fact, I am planning on writing a book about our crazy lives, after all, who would know how to develop the main characters better than the "characters" themselves LOL God Bless and thanks for sharing your talents with the world. ♥

  24. To answer your question - I am great friends with an Old Order Amish Lady, that I love dearly as a friend. She is an answer to many prayers. Her married name is Miller, like your maiden name was. :O) I would love to win your new book 'Bound by Grace', thank you for this opportunity!
    Dawn Adams