Monday, September 5, 2011

Martha Rogers' "Summer Dream"

Title: Summer Dream
Publisher: Realms Fiction Division of Charisma House.

Cover blurb:  As the daughter of a small-town minister in Connecticut, Rachel Winston fears that the only way she’ll ever find a husband is to visit her aunt in Boston for the social season. But when Nathan Reed arrives in town, she can’t help but wonder if he’s the one.

Although attracted to Rachel, Nathan has no desire to become involved with a Christian after experiences with his own family. What’s more, he realizes that even if he wanted to court her, he has little chance of doing so until he resolves his anger with God and his family.

When Nathan is caught in a devastating blizzard and lies near death in the Winston home, Rachel and her mother give him a lesson in love and forgiveness that leads him back to his home in the South. Will he make peace with his family and return to Briar Ridge before Rachel chooses a path that takes her away from him?

1) How did this story come to you?
I saw a story on Discovery Channel about a great blizzard in New England in 1888. I started reading about it from newspaper clippings of that day and saw what a huge storm it was and that they gave it the name, “The Great White Hurricane.” I decided I had to write a book that included the storm in it. So the book was born and set in Connecticut.

2) Tell us about the journey to getting this book published.
As it happened, I was finishing up a series for Realms when they asked me if I had other ideas. Summer Dream was in my files so I offered a proposal for it and three more to follow. They liked the idea and gave me another contract.

3) Tell me three things about yourself that would surprise your readers.
I once was a nursing major in college.
I was on the tennis team in high school.
I had my own column for our high school newspaper, “Around the Halls at WW” (Mostly a “gossip” column.

4) What are you working on now and what's next for you?
I’m finishing up the last book in my present series and then I have a Christmas book to write for Realms.

5) Parting comments?
My first series was a great success thanks to people like you who hosted me on their blogs. I really do appreciate the opportunity to share with others.

6) Where can fans find you on the internet?
My website is:
I also have several blogs that are linked on my website.


  1. I would love to read this book. Please enter me.


  2. Wow! I love the chances To win books. (especially when I win, like I did last week! I am still floating :). )
    This book sounds like a fun read! Please give me a chance to WIN!!!! Yippee. skipeee. Thank you much!!!!!!

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  5. Thank you for sharing. I love how you first got the idea for the story SUMMER DREAM.


  6. This sounds like it would really be good and would love to read it and would be great to win this book.Thanks

  7. Awesome! Martha's last series was great, and I've been looking forward to this one!


  8. Looks like a great book! Count me in! =)


  9. Awesome giveaway! My daughter tells me that Martha is a great writer... this book looks very good!


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  11. Summer Dream sounds like a great read. I'd love to win a copy of it. Martha is a new author to me and I'm looking forward to reading her books.


  12. This sounds like a real winner.
    I would love to win a copy.

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  14. This sounds like a story I would really enjoy.


  15. Sounds like he needs to over come a trust issue an learn to love an respect everyone. We all need to be a Born again Christian an want to live a Christian life.

  16. Sounds like a great book to curl up with. I love any books about snow storms !!

  17. Growing up as a ministers daughter I can relate to this story. Its hard to find a man who has your beliefs or even just some of them but when he has turned his back on his beliefs that makes it even more of a challenge...and can lead to a very happy ending..
    I can't wait to read your book. Thanks for the chance too.
    Even my mother in law wants this book to read.

  18. I love to read books with blizzards, much safer than being in them! My experience was the Blizzard of '78 in Indiana. That may be why I am living south of there now! Can't wait to read your book.


  19. Sounds like an interesting book.
    Would love to win it.


  20. Wow. Thanks for all the enthusiastic comments. I wish you could all win, and I do hope the winner likes the book. I just finished book 4 in this series and it was the hardest to write because it included my own struggle with a forgiveness issue. I think you'll like Nathan as a hero.

  21. I actually enjoy storm conditions, I even traveled out to the Atlantic coast the morning that Hurricane Irene was passing by Ormond Beach FL. Your book sounds like a sure hit to me!!! And I so enjoy Christmas fiction books. :o) Thank you for the free book offer.
    ~Daisy Adams

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  24. "Summer Dream" sounds like a beautiful story of redemption. And, what an interesting way to "find" a a documentary! Thank you for a chance to win.

    Kelly Y. in Virginia

  25. Thanks to all of you for stopping by. The winner of the book is Jenny Cohen.