Monday, June 20, 2011

Dorothy Love's "Beyond All Measure"

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Fiction

Cover blurb: Ada Wentworth journeys south to take a job as a lady’s companion, hoping to save enough to eventually open her own millinery shop. But when she falls in love with the local mill owner, Wyatt Caldwell, she must decide whether she can trust God with her future…and Wyatt with her heart.

1. How this story came to me:
I love history, and the beautiful southern Appalachians, and knew I wanted to set a story there. A couple of years ago I visited a museum that featured a collection of vintage ladies’ hats and my protagonist Ada Wentworth, a young Bostonian hat maker, whispered her story into my ear. I wrote down what she said.

2. Journey to publication:
Like Angela E Hunt and others, I began my career writing novels for preteens and young adults. After publishing fourteen books in the secular market I wanted to write more complex stories for adult readers and realized that the CBA is a better fit for me. I was lucky to find my fabulous agent, Natasha Kern, who sent out the proposal for Beyond All Measure, the first in the Hickory Ridge series. We received interest from several publishers and the books found a home at Thomas Nelson fiction.

3. Three things that may surprise readers:
I once sang (briefly) in a rock and roll band; I love collecting beach stuff, my chocolate chip coffee cake is pretty darn good.

4. Working on:
I recently turned in the revisions for BEAUTY FOR ASHES, the second Hickory Ridge novel which will be out early in 2012, I’m writing book 3, and polishing up the proposal for another series of southern historicals.

5. Parting Comments:
Thanks so much for hosting me.

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  1. Beautiful cover and this sounds like a great book to read. Thanks! :O)

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  2. Hi Diane. I think the design team at Thomas Nelson did a remarkable job on this cover. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Hi Diane, I also enjoy reading history and sounds like a interesting book. Please enter me in the drawing


  4. You had me when you mentioned southern Appalachians. Both sides of my family hale from NC and I've always been intrigued by the south. I hope to visit someday.

    Thanks for the chance to win a free copy!

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  5. Ooooo, Southern historicals...can't wait to see what those are about! :o)

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I'd love to be entered to win!

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  6. I love that you shared your inspiration for this story being the hats! Sort of wish the fancy hats of old were still sported today they were much prettier than say the hats spotted at the royal wedding ;) thanks! ihhcheryl(at)comcast(dot)net

  7. Sound like a good book. I'd love to win it. Thanks for the interview.


  8. I love historicals and I have to admit that I've always been fascinated by the hats of yesteryear. Which is rather amusing since I don't like to wear hats! Thanks for entering me.

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  9. this book sounds wonderful and I love the cover please include me thanks

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  10. Loved the interview Dorothy. I love historical romance and can't wait to read Beyond all Measure. It is also set in the south and I enjoy reading historical's set in the south. Thanks for stopping by to chat and share with us.
    Please enter me in the giveaway K. Dawn.

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  11. Sounds like a great book! Thanks for the chance!

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  12. I love historical romance. It makes it seem so much more realistic! This looks like a really good book, especially the cover. It looks really gorgeous!

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  13. I love reading historical fiction and I know that I would enjoy this story.


  14. I love the cover ! I would love to win the book !!

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  15. thanks for the opportunity to read this wonderful novel :)

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  16. Melissa, where in NC are your folks from? My great greats came to Tenn from NC in the 1830's. Cheryl, I love hats, too and was sorry to see them go. I blogged about hats not log ago at my website, Carol, Melanie, Pegg, I'm so glad y'all love historicals, because they are my passion. I hope to keep writing Southern stories for a long time. I blog about some aspect of history--and how it informs my stories every Wednesday at my website. Come on over and take a look. Apple B and everyone who has commented on the cover, I love it, too. Thanks to all of you for entering the drawing. I wish you all could win!! Hugs all around.

  17. I loved hearing your story. This was a great interview. I can't wait to read the book. Like everyone else, I think the cover is beautiful and I wish you all the best with your new agent and publisher. I love the title for your next book as well. :o)

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  18. I adore reading historical romance books...
    Many thanks, Cindi

  19. thanks, margaret. I really enjoyed writing Beauty For Ashes and I hope readers will like it.

    Cindy, I love historicals, too. When I have time to read for pleasure I usually choose a book set in the 19th century. Mom says I was born 100 years too late. :)

  20. My fam is from the Appalachian's (NC and TN) and I've always had a soft spot for Historical romance- this seems like a great read!


  21. what a neat sounding story!