Monday, March 14, 2011

"The Road to Deer Run" by Elaine Marie Cooper

February was Romance Month at Clash of the Titles

Clash of The Titles

For February, Clash of the Titles featured two gooey, deliciously sigh-worthy clashes.

Michelle Massaro hosted Clash Two, another tough contest between Elaine Marie Copper's The Road to Deer Run and Lorna Seilstad's Making Waves. The COTT team was delighted with two new "firsts" for Clash of the Titles. Lorna's book was nominated by one of our team reviewers over at Title Trakk. "I was blown away and very honored that a reader would take the time to submit a scene from Making Waves, and I'm pleased as punch that it was this scene. It's always hard to know if the same scenes I see as romantic are the same ones that move readers," Lorna said.

The other "first" for COTT was that a self-published author won the Clash. "Recently, we've come to the decision to open up all of our Clashes to self-published authors," Michelle Massaro, assistant editor for COTT said. "There will still be guidelines to adhere to, disclaimers to sign, but we feel this will best serve you guys—our readers, authors, and friends. We will still have unpublished Clashes according to our usual schedule, but now they will be reserved for our truly unpublished friends."

And the Clash fairly zinged with the most site comments from our readers. "Readers flooded in to participate in this clash and the battle was fierce. The race was very tight--we were dead even up until the last couple of hours," Massaro said. The Road to Deer Run won the "I Conquered COTT button."

Elaine Cooper:

The Road to Deer Run:


  1. Not sure if I'm in the right spot, but I'm intrigued by this historical and would like to register for a chance to win the book. Thanks!

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  5. If it made two firsts, it must be a great read!
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  7. Road to Deer Run sounds awesome!! I really do want to read this one.

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  10. Thank you everyone for your kind words and I hope you all get a chance to read "The Road to Deer Run" soon!