Monday, January 24, 2011

Andrea Boeshaar's "Unexpected Love"

We're happy to have Andrea Boeshaar with us today talking about her book Unexpected Love. To learn more about Andrea and her book, read on!

Title: Unexpected Love
Publisher: Realms/Strang Book Group

Cover blurb: Nurse Lorenna Fields has always taken her job at Chicago's Mercy Hospital seriously, determined never to become personally involved with her patients. But when a mysterious man with eyes like onyx is admitted after a shipwreck on Lake Michigan, she develops a connection with him that she can’t deny.
Slowly her patient regains consciousness, but to Renna’s dismay he has lost both his sight and his memory. Dubbed “Mr. Blackeyes” by her, the two build a strong, trusting friendship as they search for clues to his past. But part of her dreads the day of his recovery, convinced that his memories will take him away from her and his regained sight will reveal a secret about herself that Renna has been trying hard to hide.

1) How did this story come to you?
As I wrote its prequel, Uncertain Heart, I realized I needed to tell Captain Brian Sinclair’s story too.

2) Tell us about the journey to getting this book published.
A version of this story was published about ten years ago by Heartsong Presents. After the rights for this book reverted back to me, I asked my agent to shop it around because I still believed in it – and in this entire series. When Realms/Strang Book Group expressed interest, I was elated. The company ended up buying the series, renaming it to Seasons of Redemption. However, I must say, the stories in this series are much different than what Heartsong Presents first published. For one, I added another 30,000 words to each book and created new characters and plot twists. So readers who read the original versions will not be bored or disappointed with these updated and re-created stories!

3) Tell me three things about yourself that would surprise your readers.
I’m a little bit shy – and growing shyer as I get older.
I want to learn to do needle point.
I have a 65 lb, 8 month old yellow lab named Miley who thinks she’s a lap dog. 

4) What are you working on now and what's next for you?
I am anticipating the release of Book 4 in my Seasons of Redemption series. It’ll release in May 2011. And this month (Jan ’11) I’m beginning to write a brand new series called Fabric of Time. It’s a 3-book historical romance series about a Norwegian family that migrates to Brown County, Wisconsin. The first book is set to release in November 2011.

5) Parting comments?
Be sure to leave a comment so you’re in the drawing for a FREE, autographed book.

6) Where can fans find you on the internet?


  1. Please enter me to win!! Sounds like a great read.

  2. I'm just this week starting the first book in this series. I am SO behind. But if I like it I'll want to keep reading, right?


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  5. Hi Andrea, Hi Dawn!
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  7. Plrase enter me in the drawing. I would love to read this book.


  8. I have always been interested in all thing medical and find the story line of this book fasciating.I am inteested how the autho portrayed the regaining of sight and memory to the patient and the tormoil in the nurse as she fears that his memories will take him away from her.


  9. I have been following blogs everywhere trying to win this book. I love Andrea's books and since they take place during the Civil War period, even more so, because my hometown of Columbia, SC, is loaded with history!

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  16. Congratulations on your hard work. I would enjoy reading your book. My mother was a nurse and I kinda grew up in the hospital. This story is not such fiction when I remember some of those young nurses and their romatice notions when I was a Candy Striper at the age of 13. LHammett

  17. I like the sound of this story. Among my favorite settings is the medical field. I haven't read the first two books...but if I win...I'll buy them. Thanks for this giveaway and the chance to win. I hope I do win!

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  19. I would love to win one of Andrea B's books , I have a few of them and love them all . I think I have actually read this title when it put out by Barbour . But her books are worth reading twice at least and since they contain more pages and new characters I am all for one winning one .

  20. Don't know if the giveaway expired yet or not...but thought I'd leave a comment just in case. :) Loved Andrea's first book in this series, and want to read this one. Thanks so much to both of you for sharing this interview and giveaway.

  21. The winner is the 19th post. My hubby chose the number. So Diana Flowers is the winner. Her "stalking" paid off. LOL!

  22. I love stories set in Hospital's with medical personal involved in saving lifes and their struggles with their own lives. I have entered other giveaways trying to win your book so maybe this will be my lucky entry. Enjoyed your interview. Thanks for sharing with us.

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