Monday, December 27, 2010

Clash of the Titles & Janalyn Voigt

Clash of the Titles, Where Authors Compete and Readers Judge

The literary website, Clash of the Titles, launched with a bang, and has increased in momentum ever since. They’ve had phenomenal authors, from historical romance writer, Lena Nelson Dooley to fantasy writer extraordinaire, Janalyn Voigt. Today Jennifer Slattery, Marketing Representative for Clash of the Titles, will highlight six COTT participants.
Janalyn Voigt likely had one of the most unique entries with her fantasy novel, Dawn Singer. She was excited to participate in COTT because she saw it as an excellent way to promote her upcoming release.

"With my book still awaiting its release date in Fall, 2011, participation in COTT helped me gear up for promotion,” Janalyn said. “I enjoyed having the COTT crew's help in getting the word out about DawnSinger, my epic fantasy adventure. My website received a surge of traffic the week of my clash, and I still get visitors from Clash of the Titles.”

We, at COTT, were very pleased to learn about Janalyn’s positive experience, which led to a special friendship between her and her competitor.

"I enjoyed the friendly rivalry between JoAnn Durgin, my competitor, and myself,” Janalyn said. “We've kept in touch. I worried I'd stress about competing but participating in Clash of the Titles was fun. I appreciated that we both lived with our stories for more than a decade before writing and placing them for publication. I believe that together we modeled perseverance for the readers of COTT.”

That is a great story, and a great reminder to us all. Perseverance pays off. We enjoy celebrating the finished product with our authors, and have been very pleased with the family atmosphere our site has created.

DawnSinger is the story of Nalyn, a young maiden who answers a summons to Torindan, High Hold of her people. Her companion, Spreil, must choose whether to reign and rule in his homeland or serve in Torindan. Ancient Prophecy requires Nalyn to release the Dawn King, and salvation, into Elderland by an impossible task. But first she must overcome her own wayward heart. Will she learn in time that sometimes victory only comes through surrender?

DawnSinger is another one of those “must reads”! Find out more about Janalyn and this captivating story at, and her blog,

Jennifer Slattery is a freelance writer, columnist, novelist and the marketing representative for Clash of the Titles. In 2009 she won first place in the HAWCN writing contest, book category and in 2010 she placed second in the Dixie Kane and fourth in the Golden Pen, Inspirational category for both. She has a weekly marriage column on the Reflections in Hindsight website and has been published in numerous other publications. You can find out more about her and her writing at


  1. Thanks for featuring me! I love being a part of such a wonderful group of writers.

  2. I am not a huge fantasy fan, but sometimes I really connect with the characters. I'd like to win this book. The theme is interesting to me.


  3. Would love to win a copy of hte book!

    I'm a subscirber!

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  4. Yes, DawnSinger looks like a must read, by how you described it.

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  5. I just read Child, the poem by Janalyn Voigt and was amazed. A beautiful poem. This is a great example of her work and now I would love to read DAWNSINGER in the fall of 2011.

  6. Thanks for commenting, everyone!

    Michelle, some of my critique partners and test readers who don't normally like fantasy told me they enjoyed reading excerpts from "DawnSinger."

    Ah, thanks for your comment about my "Child" poem, rbooth43. If anyone wants to read that poem (and the others under my "Grace Notes" category), you will find them on my website (click my name beside this comment). To stay apprised of my promotional giveaways, discounts and contests, please sign up for my email list by pushing the "Click Me" button.

    Best wishes to all who enter!

  7. Count me in. Would love a copy of DAWNSINGER!

  8. I have to read Dawnsinger! Would love to win it.

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  9. Please enter me for this interesting book, thank you and Happy holidays!


  10. Looks like a great read! Please enter me.


  11. Thanks, everyone, for your interest in my book.

  12. i do not usually like fantasy, and would not go out and buy this book. However, having read about it, i might check it out in the library, or if i win it, i would blog about it. Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  13. Janalyn's writings aren't familiar to me as yet. Perhaps that will be solved if and when I win "Dawn Singer." It is in an unusual genre and sounds romantic and new. Thank you for this giveaway and the chance to win this unique book. I hope I win.

    New Year, New Blessings,
    Barb Shelton
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  14. An excerpt from "DawnSinger" is available on Goodreads. Here's the link:

  15. I AM a fantasy sci/fi buff so I would love to read this book.

  16. Hi, Tracy. Thanks for entering the drawing. I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's Day.

  17. Hi Janalyn, I am not a big fan of fantasy sci/fi but I do read a book whose story line I like and this book does sound interesting.
    Please enter me in the giveaway.
    Looking forward to reading your books. Thanks

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  18. OMGoodness, I love Christian fantasy --I think the cover looks so medieval (which is awesome). I'd love the chance to win DawnSinger!

    I'm an e-mail subscriber: jafuchi7[at]hawaii[dot]edu

  19. Thanks for all the comments. I use a randomizer (since choosing between such worthy readers is impossible for me). Brenda won the giveaway copy of "DawnSinger" this time, but please do sign up for my email list via the "Click Me" button on my website at to stay apprised of future promotional giveaways of my book. As a bonus, you'll receive my author news, fun polls and exclusive content.

    Thanks for hosting me, K. Dawn! I appreciate you.