Monday, August 23, 2010

Erin Healy's "Never Let You Go"

We're happy to have Erin Healy with us today talking about her book, Never Let You Go. To learn more about Erin and her book, read on!

1) How did this story come to you?
NLYG is a supernatural thriller about the terrifying effects of a parent’s bitterness on her dearly loved child. The idea came from real-life observations about how families unwittingly pass bitterness through generations. I was curious about why that happens and what it takes to break the cycle.

2) Tell us about the journey to getting this book published.
My journey has been a backward, “inside-the-industry” journey from career editor to author. I’ve worked with dozens of talented novelists and have been one of Ted Dekker’s editors for years. He invited me to co-author some books with him (we wrote KISS and BURN together). Our agreement with the publisher included the opportunity for me to write at least three more novels on my own.
3) Tell me three things about yourself that would surprise your readers.
Daniel Boone is my great (to the eighth or ninth power) uncle. I’m a terrible speller. I’ve walked on the dreary English moors that inspired Wuthering Heights (and caught a miserable cold as a result).

4) What are you working on now and what's next for you?
THE PROMISES SHE KEEPS comes out in January 2011. It’s the story of two women who are seeking immortality, and the autistic artist who shows them the unexpected way.

5) Parting comments?
I’m über-interested in stories about ways in which our spiritual and physical lives intersect. If you are too, look me up on Facebook ( and “like” my page, then join in the discussions there about the ways God works in our lives supernaturally.

6) Where can fans find you on the Internet?
In addition to Facebook, at You can view the video trailer for NEVER LET YOU GO and also read the first three chapters. My Web site has a place for readers to leave comments about my books—please let me know what you think of them, good or bad!


  1. I have registered for your emails. I love your site. Hope i win hate being first :(

  2. I, too, would love to win the book. It looks great! Thanks!

  3. I've very much enjoyed your books with Ted Dekker. I saw this book at the book store a couple of weeks ago and it has been in the back of my head every since as something my book club may be interested in. Looking forward to reading it. I didn't know about your facebook page so I'm headed over there after I get off of here. Keep writing and I promise to keep reading.

    I would love to be considered for your book giveaway.


  4. Sounds like such a thrilling read. Would love ot win it!


  5. Wow I got to add you on FB. I love supernatural thrillers and read one by a male author, on my goodreads list, and it was fabulous about GOD syndrome in blood line. I also read C.S. Lewis series as apocalypse related. I would like to be in the drawing.

  6. I have enjoyed Erin's books. Thanks for offering this one.

  7. I've wanted to read this one for a while. Interesting premise.


  8. How neat that Daniel Boone is her distant uncle!!

    I'm subscribed via email.


  9. Thanks for the kind remarks everyone! On my web site under "Books" you can post your opinions of what I've written. I'd love to hear what you think about NLYG.

  10. I would love to read this book.....sounds very interesting! Please enter me. Thanks!!!

  11. Erin, thank you for offering your book for giveaway. I am a subscriber to KDawn's blog. This book is different from my normal reading tastes, but it does interest me. I need a change once in a while. Please enter me into this giveaway. Thank you.

    Barb Shelton
    barbjan10 at tx dot rr dot com

  12. I enjoy super natural books and I find her plot of how parents can pass on bitterness to their
    Thanks, Cindi

  13. Is this my life week? Every author this time book is soming we are going thru. How do you get a child to understand they don't have to be bitter. I would love to know how to make her happy again. I miss that care free child. I can't wait to read your book.
    Thank you so much

  14. This book sounds quite interesting and I would really love to read it.


  15. Sounds interesting - please add my name! I have read and enjoyed the books Erin wrote with Ted Dekker.

    We have family friends who are also related to Daniel Boone - his name is also Daniel Boone.


  16. I really haven't read a Christian thriller. This sounds exciting. Thanks.


  17. Heidi, I'll say a prayer for your daughter! My novel is more about the parents' need to protect a child by surrendering their own bitterness; it doesn't really go into the child's issues. But I hear your cries and will lift it up to God with you!

  18. I'm a terrible speller too. I hadn't realized you'd written something with Ted Dekker.

    sdeeth at msn dot com

  19. This book sounds very interesting! Please include me! I am a subscriber.

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  20. thanks for the opportunity to read this novel :)

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