Monday, July 5, 2010

Norm Grant's "You Want Me To... What?"

We're happy to have Norm Grant with us today talking about his book, You Want Me To...WHAT? To learn more about Norm and his book, read on!

1) How did this story come to you?
God put it on my heart to share the spiritual journey and story that he’s been doing in and through me since surrendering my life to Jesus Christ. People not only love to hear stories but we learn so much more when we hear stories from others who have gone through similar challenges. My hope and prayer with this book is that it inspires others to draw closer to God and also encourages them to let go and fully trust in His plan for their lives.

2) Tell us about the journey to getting this book published.
I would have never seen myself writing a book, let alone Christian based. The journey of getting this book published has been filled with many insights and experiences. The whole process has been a stretch out of my comfort zone and one that has directed me to rely on and trust in God.

3) Tell me three things about yourself that would surprise your readers.
1) I’m not your typical churched person.
2) My spiritual journey has taken me from an unreached Saul type of person who had a powerful Damascus Road experience to that of a Paul mission and calling.
3) This whole thing began after my wife made a simple prayer asking God to touch her husband’s heart. (watch what you prayer for)

4) What are you working on now and what's next for you?
At present I’m in the process of beginning the marketing campaign for the book and letting God direct me as to where he’s wanting me to speak his word, wherever that is. He seems to be calling me to share his word wherever that maybe. The funny thing about it is that God is starting to write another book on my heart and so I’m also beginning to work on that as well.

5) Parting comments?
My hope and prayer is that the words written on the pages of this book inspire people to hand the pen over to God and let him start to write the story he has in store for each and every one of us. Answering God’s call on our lives is about risking to leave the safety of our comfort zone by letting go and trusting in God.

6) Where can fans find you on the internet?
People can find me at or


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