Monday, April 26, 2010

Queen of Hearts Review by Shawna Williams

Queen of Hearts Review by Shawna Williams. Register in the post below this one for the end of month giveaway.

What a great read! K. Dawn Byrd has crafted a story that blends romance, suspence,and history into an entertaining experience called, Queen of Hearts. The story begins with ambitious reporter, Daphne Dean, deciding to add a little more adventure to her life by joining the O.S.S. during WWII. She's suddenly thrust into a situation she's ill-prepared for, and isn't sure who to trust. There's her ex-boyfriend, Kenneth, who still holds her heart. By all reason she should trust him since she's known him her whole life, but war has brought out a different side to him that makes Daphne leery. Then there's the new guy, mysterious Vito, with shady family connections and secrets he's unwilling to divulge, yet something about him engenders trust. Should Daphne give it?

As the situation escalates, Daphne finds herself in hiding in an abandoned mental hospital. Both men insist they want to protect her, but is that really the case?

Is it terrible that I really want to find this institution to explore? Seriously, K. Dawn's description was so vivid and intriguing that this fictional setting is now listed in my top ten places I "must see" before I die. (Not sure how that's going to work out.) The whole story was great, but the last part was a major page turner, that kept me guessing until the very end. And I loved the growth of the characters shown in the book's conclusion. Most satisfying indeed. K. Dawn Byrd is a masterful suspense writer, and I look forward to her next title, Killing Time, in August, 2010.


  1. Is it only the Kindle book that is being given away? The book sounds like something I would like to read, but I need a BOOK, not a kindle book. If this is possible, please enter me in the give a way. The plot sounds great.

  2. I've sent Sharon an e-mail, but will post here also for the benefit of others. You can download the Kindle for free from Amazon's website. I have it on my computer and my netbook. The Kindle app makes it possible to read Kindle books on your computer.

  3. I loved this book, K.D. My mom got Kindle on her computer two weeks ago and posted on fb the other day that she was addicted to downloading books. She's almost 70. lol! I'm glad she's enjoying it so.