Monday, January 25, 2010

Mary Ellis' "Never Far From Home"

We're happy to have Mary Ellis with us today.
Click on the photo to the left to visit the author's website. Read on to learn more about Mary and her book...

1) How did this story come to you?
Since I live in a rural area, I’ve been fascinated with farms for many years. Researching to write Never Far from Home was a real eye-opener for me. Agriculture, even Amish farming, is much more complex than most would assume. Since I have visited Amish families since childhood, I am enjoying writing stories set in the close-knit Christian community of Holmes County, Ohio. Getting to know sheep and horses up-close-and-personal has been a special treat.
2) Tell us about the journey to getting this book published.
I spent about eight years writing in several different genres and sending to too many publishing houses to count. Then I tried submitting to agents instead. I found my wonderful agent this way, and she sold my two romantic suspense novels. When I decided to change from ABA to CBA, she found my current publishing house, which is a “perfect fit” for me.

3) Tell me three things about yourself that would surprise your readers.
I used to teach middle school math and algebra, but not English, which might not surprise my editor. My favorite pastime is snorkeling, even though I’ve never lived close to a beach in my life. And I once volunteered at the Cleveland Zoo as a docent snake–handler. I used to wrap (well-fed) boa constrictors around my neck and shoulders during presentations to school groups.
4) What are you working on now and what's next for you?
I’m currently finishing the third in the Miller Family series, The Way to a Man’s Heart, which will be released in July. I’m also working on a Christmas novella to be released late next summer.

5) Parting comments?
If there are any discouraged writers who are reading this…don’t give up! Many times I was ready to throw in the towel, but now I’m so glad I didn’t. Have faith.

6) Where can fans find you on the internet?
Readers can find me at I love to hear from fans at


  1. I would love to be entered to win a copy of this book. I love Amish stories and never read anything by Mary Ellis.


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  3. I am very glad to see this type of book get in the sites. I love the Amish books and being around them for over half my life I can not get enough of these books, I sure am glad to be able to comment and be in the drawing for a book. I do not have this one and sure would love to have it. I would even send my reviews on it to the author as I do get into these books. Thanks for being are needed. susan Leech email#

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  6. Just recently discovered how much I enjoy reading stories set in the Amish background.

  7. Dawn and Mary-
    Thank you for the interview.
    I recently read my first 'Amish' novel and thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to reading "Never far from home," but now I think I shall have to read "A widow's hope" first. ;-)

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