Friday, December 11, 2009

Ebooks vs Print Books

Yesterday's post regarding my journey to publication caused some questions regarding my decision to publish in ebook format. First of all, it's the way of the future. Barnes & Noble owns They're reformatting from 350-500 books per week in the ebook format. Do you think they'd be taking the time if this wasn't a lucrative venture? Hardly.
Secondly, the ebook market is booming. Many large publishing houses are opening up e-lines. They realize that ebooks are the way of the future. Most people have what they need to read an ebook in their pocket. Smart phones. (For info on what type of software you need to download in order to read ebooks on your cell, go to
The benefits of ebooks are endless. I save paper and ink. I can read anywhere, anytime when I download ebooks to my Blackberry. I have 12 of them stored in it right now. In a long line at Walmart? No problem. Sitting in the doctor's office waiting for an appointment? No problem. I can read in bed and not disturb my husband because I don't need a night light. The font is adjustable. Right now, my font is larger, darker, and brighter than any paperback and I believe it causes less eye strain. Many ebooks, especially classics that have fallen into public domain, are free. And, ebooks are cheaper than print books. Currently, I'm paying $5.99 or less for the books I download from
So, in a nut shell, I LOVE ebooks. Currently, I buy nothing but e. There are a couple of new releases I've been interested in, but I refuse to buy them in print format. I'm waiting for them to hit the market in e. I don't have to time to wait until the perfect time to read a print book. I can read e almost anywhere, any time.


  1. Ebooks are for the future, I've bought several novels in ebook format before they've become available in print. It also means I can buy books released overseas at a much cheaper price as there's no postage involved.

  2. I'm with you all the way. Desert Breeze has published two of my books: Secrets of Old Santa Fe and Christmas Stranger. I've enjoyed writing for this publisher. I'm convinced that e-books are the wave of the future. E-book readers are in. But until you buy one, you can use your laptop, I-phone, etc. If you can write on it, you can read on it. Marion Kelley Bullock

  3. I had never heard of the ebooks until I started receiving your updates/emails. I love reading, have since I was a child. Both my parents read and raised my two sisters & I with a great love of books. I tried to do the same with my daughter. I never would have thought anything could replace the joy of sitting down with a good book and just losing yourself while reading. But I have to admit, the freedom and ease of reading an ebook anywhere (doctors' offices, etc) does sound appealing. I may have to rethink my first reaction of never giving up the actual book.

  4. You are such an amazing e-book advocate. I'm glad I got you hooked.

  5. What a lot of people don't realize is the neccessity of epublication in this industry. The model of the publishing industry has been book distributors front money to publishers based on how many books they believe will sell. The publisher uses that money to put the books into print. Books are then distributed to stores. What the stores don't sell is returned to the publisher. The publisher then must refund money as well as pay for warehousing the unsold product. This often results in a deficit to the publisher. Epublication slashes the cost of production (paper, print,ink), and virtually eliminates the cost of distribution and warehousing. It's also a good way to gauge which books will do well as print copies, therefore reducing waste. All of this means a more profitable business, more opportunity for emerging authors, and more products at a lower price for consumers. It's good for everyone!

  6. E-books are the future, big time. I'm a multi-published author with several e-publishing houses and this is the perfect place for me as a writer at this time.

    Entrusting your work to an e-publishing house doesn't mean you've copped out or "cheated" the book publishing system. It's a terrific place to learn the ropes of the industry, gain experience, work on the craft.

    Folks who are dead set against the wave of e-books are missing out on a huge influx of great talent and that makes me sad.

    There's more to the world of books than just the printed word on a page. Take a chance and go "e".

    I'm glad I did. :-)

  7. I agree - Ebooks are the future. With Amazon's Kindle introduction, the Kindle really made ebooks easy and convientent. Since then ebooks have taken off. Sure, there were ebooks before Amazon's Kindle, but it was Kindle's sturdiness that made the ebook industry take off. (I'm not trying to "Sell" the Kindle, per se, but it is the ebook reader that accerlated ebook sales)

    The Advantages:
    Ebooks are cheaper than print books
    Saves ink
    You can take an Ebook reader anywhere. At my work, I know 10 people who use it and LOVE it. According to Publisher's Weekly, the US ebook market made over 50 Million in 2008. Publisher's Weekly has great information about ebooks, and their impact in the industry.

    Steph, Moderator from The Desert Breeze Blog