Saturday, July 4, 2009

So What's Your Excuse?

Okay, I started off with such good intentions. I'd planned to write all weekend with a goal yesterday of 5,000 words. It didn't happen. Instead, I took advantage of every excuse that popped up to prevent me from writing. My mom was having a yard sale, so I went down there and hung out with my seven year old niece for a couple of hours. Then I came back home and took two naps, an hour each. I cleaned house some afterwards. Yesterday would have been the perfect day to write. I had the house all to myself (husband was playing golf.) Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who MUST have absolute quiet when I write. Finally, I took out my current manuscript and began rereading chapters 1-3, editing along the way. I was having a ball. Adding setting (I'm not a very descriptive writer) and removing troublesome words (see earlier post.) About an hour into it, husband arrives home, turns on the TV, starts cooking, playing with the dogs, etc. I sighed, knowing that the peace and quiet was over. I love him with all my heart, but he's very difficult to work around. Just when I'm on a roll, he'll ask me something or he'll comment on something that's being said on the TV, pulling me away from my current thoughts. I gathered up my netbook, a cold glass of tea, and some comfy cushions and headed for the covered swing out back. It was a gorgeous afternoon, warm and slightly breezy. I finished editing the chapters and wrote about 1,000 words on chapter 4, so not a wasted day. Writing is a hard and solitary venture for me. The words don't always flow, so I try to seize the moment and take advantage of them when I can. At times, I become a little frustrated and lay my current word aside for a few days. I believe that it helps to separate myself from the work so that I can go back to it with a new perspective. The first three chapters of my current work is being considered by a publisher and I took a break for a couple of weeks after my agent sent it to them. Editing those three chapters brought me back into the story and reacquainted me with my characters. So, what's your excuse for nor writing?

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  1. Wow...I could have written this post! lol I like least solitude, when I write. I don't get it all that often and am having to learn to write with distractions. It's not easy!!! I am so close to finishing my first WIP and hope to be done by next Friday! Here's to keeping my bum in my comfy chair!