Monday, October 24, 2016

Johnnie Alexander and "When Love Arrives"

We're happy to have Johnnie Alexander with us talking about her book When Love Arrives. 

What did you learn while writing this book?
 This story had its challenges. While I knew the heroine resented the hero (who wasn’t even aware of her existence until they met), I didn’t know why she was mad at him for the longest time. Eventually, during a walk in the pasture, everything fell into place. A flippant decision I made when writing the first story in the Misty Willow Series—that the hero’s parents had died in a plane crash—was an important element in this novel.

Which books on writing have been the most helpful to you and why?
 Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Browne and King is indispensable for novelists. Every writer should read it then read it again.

Story Trumps Structure by Steven James is another one of my favorites. I’m an organic writer (mostly) so the concepts in this book make sense to me.

What are your favorite writing conferences and why?
 The first major writing conference I attended was the Florida Christian Writing Conference. I’ve been to it more than any other—it’s where I met several women who became my best friends, where I met an editor who encouraged me to finish a manuscript, where I met an agent who referred me to the person who became my agent.

I’m also fond of the Mid-South Christian Writers Conference. (I’m on the planning committee so I’m a little prejudiced!)

The Autumn in the Mountains Novelist Retreat is terrific, too. It’s small, relaxing, and inspiring.

What are you working on right now?
I’m breaking the unwritten “don’t change genres” rule. Again! J My next stories will be two cozy mysteries for Annie’s Fiction. This is the path God has set out for me, and I love it!

What do you do for fun when not writing?
 I’ve been traveling and that has been so fun. My sister and I spent a week recently in Prince Edward Island, and I’ve been sharing photos on my blog for the #Write31Days Challenge. 

While answering this question, I’m sitting in a Comfort Inn in Willow Springs, Missouri because tomorrow I’m meeting a friend at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Mansfield, Missouri. (P.S. We had a great time!)

I’m also taking my collie Griff to obedience and agility classes. We’re just starting out so we haven’t competed yet. But that’s in our future.

Tell us about your latest release and what you think readers will enjoy about it.

Brett Somers, the hero of When Love Arrives, was the not-so-nice-guy in the series’ first story. Faced with the tragic consequences of his actions, he wants to live a different kind of life, to be a different kind of man.

One Amazon reviewer writes: “When Love Arrives is an emotionally charged story of forgiveness and restoration with a strong dose of romance. 

This is a story of second chances, of forgiveness, and of redemption.

How can readers get in contact with you? (mail, email, website)

I love to hear from readers. Please write me at and visit my website at

Will you be doing a book giveaway? If so, the title of the book and will you be giving away a print or eBook?

Absolutely! A US winner can choose either an autographed print edition or an ebook edition of When Love Arrives; an international winner will receive an ebook edition.

Thanks for having me as your guest, and thanks to everyone who stops by!

Click on image to purchase:
 From the cover:
Dani Prescott came to the children's hospital to spy on Brett Somers--so how did she end up on a date with him? Weeks earlier she'd seen an interview in which he blamed her mother for the plane crash that had killed his parents. But the crash had killed her mother as well, so Dani can't believe the story Brett's trying to sell to the media.

Vowing to find a way to discredit the privileged--and maddeningly handsome--Brett, Dani has been following him and taking photos, hoping to find something she can use against him. But when she catches his eye instead, she quickly finds herself offering up a fake name and agreeing to a date. Brett knows this mystery girl is hiding something--but he's got his own secrets to keep. What will happen when he discovers who she really is? Will Dani and Brett look beyond their own heartaches to discover a love that could heal their deepest pain?

Fresh, flirty, and fast-paced, When Love Arrives is an engaging story that will have readers falling in love with the characters as they navigate the tricky waters between romance and revenge.