Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NaNoWriMo Challenge

November is national novel writing month. Are you up for the challenge? The goal is to write 50,000 words from November 1 to midnight November 30. This breaks down to just 1,667 words per day. There's no grand prize except the elation you'll feel for finishing the challenge. You can register at
So, if you're up for the challenge, here's a little advice. Get all unfinished business out of the way. Let your family members know that you'll be writing during the month of November and need their support. Set aside a block of time every day to write. Start plotting now so you'll have a road map as to where you're headed with your story.
Any takers our there? If you want to be my buddy for the journey, you can add me after you sign up. My user name is kdawnbyrd. Happy writing!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Desert Breeze Publishing offers contract

Desert Breeze Publishing Offers Contract

Last Thursday, I was thinking about all of the last minute things I needed to do before I could leave for the beach. There was laundry to finish up, a house to lock up, dogs to deliver to in-laws, birds to be taken care of, etc. I knew that it was about time that I heard back from Desert Breeze Publishing, an ebook publisher Michelle Sutton recommended when she found out that I write inspirational romantic suspense that's not the run of the mill. For one thing, the first few chapters of the book, Killing Time, were set in a jail. What do you think would happen if a strong Christian woman was wrongly accused and incarcerated? Would she crack under the pressure? And, what would happen if inmates were being murdered at the jail and someone was trying to frame her?

Killing Time didn't make the rounds much. Desert Breeze Publishing was the only publisher to see it. It placed third in the Duel on the Delta contest, which Tina Columbo of Steeple Hill judged. She didn't request a full, stating that it didn't fit their line, but requested that I send her something else. I've not had anything else to send because I'm a new author and don't have a stock pile of manuscripts that some authors have from having written for years.

I'm elated about the opportunity to publish with Desert Breeze Publishing. After learning how to download ebooks to my Blackberry, I no longer purchase in print books unless I really want a book and can't get it in ebook format. I believe ebooks to be the way of the future and am excited about getting in on the ground floor. Killing Time is currently scheduled for an August 2010 release. I'll upload the cover as soon as it's available.

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