Monday, November 3, 2014

Sharon Dow's "Huldah" Prophetess"

Huldah: Prophetess (First place Winner – 2013 Word Alive Press contest)
    Publisher:Word Alive Press, a Christian Publishing company in Winnipeg, Canada.
I am excited to launch this third book, Huldah: Prophetess. If you like intrigue, a battle between good and evil, and unexpected developments to keep you on the edge of your seat, then this book may be for you!
Cover blurb: A young girl has frightening dreams and visions. An innocent baby dies. A wicked king lashes out in anger and hatred, dispensing a vile revenge on the people of Jerusalem. Blood runs in the streets. Rogue priests plot evil deeds.
                   A long line of wicked kings has ruled the land and turned the people away from their God. From kings to priests, to the citizens of back alleys and byways, the darkness of evil infests the land.
                   By standing for God and following His leading, can a lone prophetess make a difference? Will anyone listen? Will anyone follow? Walk with Huldah as she faces evil head-on, defying the king and his advisors, and pointing the way back to God. The road she travels is dark and dangerous and will have you holding your breath as she journeys into the unknown.
1) How did this story come to you? 
After completing my first two books, both of which are Biblical Historical fiction, I wanted to stay with the same genre as I love finding obscure Biblical characters and creating a story around them. I keep a list of characters that I come across when reading the Bible. Huldah fascinated to me and when I found there was so little information about her, I was excited to write her story.
2) Tell us about the journey to getting this book published. 
I entered the manuscript in the 2013 Word Alive Press Publishing contest and was delighted when Huldah: Prophetess was awarded first place in the fiction section. The prize was a publishing package. It was a very exciting time!
3) Tell me three things about yourself that would surprise your readers. 
1. I love politics and follow the American elections as well as the Canadian ones. I’ve always had a secret desire to be involved. 
2. I have also had the desire to spend a year above the Arctic Circle to experience total light and total darkness. I almost went there to teach when I graduated. 
3. I would love to have tea with the Queen!
4) What are you working on now and what's next for you? 
I am currently working on another Biblical novel titled, Sapphira: Unveiled. Sapphira was the wife of Ananias and together they displeased God and received death as their punishment. It is approximately 80% complete.
Bio: Sharon Dow won the 2013 Word Alive Press Free Publishing Contest for Huldah: Prophetess. She is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick with an education degree. She has twenty-seven years’ experience teaching Junior High, serving as Vice-Principal, and finally as Principal of a Christian day school. She is the author of two previous books, Antipas: Martyr, and Pergamum: Satan’s Throne. Sharon also enjoys speaking to groups, sharing her writing, and encouraging others in their Christian walk. She has three grown sons, six grandchildren, and lives in Ontario with her husband, George.
5) Parting comments? 
I hope to write and publish at least 10 books. I have the ideas and titles for them and a little written for each one.
6) Where can fans find you on the internet? 
I have a website  My books, Antipas: Martyr, Pergamum: Satan’s Throne, and Huldah: Prophetess are available for purchase on,, and, as well as Christian bookstores and other internet sites.


  1. I do enjoy Biblical Historical fiction & this sounds like one I'd enjoy reading. Sharon I hope you someday get to have tea with the Queen ! ! :)

  2. A very interesting blurb. I love the idea of stories using obscure Biblical figures.

    When you have tea with the Queen, well, I'd be in on that.


  3. Congratulations on winning 1st place with your book 'Huldah: Prophetess' in the 2013 Word Alive Press Publishing contest, it sounds wonderfully suspenseful! And, what an accomplishment having 10 books already started! May all your future books be a success! Sincerely, Phyllis

  4. I would love to read this. rdunson(at)knology(dot)net

  5. This sounds cool - Biblical fiction, a serious female lead. Sounds great. sheiladeeth at gmail dot com