Thursday, April 24, 2014

Deanna Klingel's "Rock and a Hard Place"

Blog: Not Your Typical Romance
Rock and a Hard Place, A Lithuanian Love Story, is possibly the most unusual love story Romance fans have ever read. This isn’t a story of a man and woman attracted to each other, looking into each other’s eyes, falling in love, marrying, happy ever aftering.  It’s also not fiction.
I enjoy writing true stories of everyday heroes. Ordinary people who do extraordinary things against enormous odds are my heroes. Many times their only tools are faith in God and courage that comes from that faith. I’ve written the story (Bread Upon the Water) of a South Vietnamese boy who escaped as a boat person in order to follow his calling to the priesthood.  God’s love carried him through the most horrendous circumstances.  It was also a love story, but not a romance; and certainly a hero story.
Rock and a Hard Place, A Lithuanian Love Story, is the story of a boy and girl born in 1930. When they are nine years old, Russia invades the country they love. They begin a long and difficult journey across Eastern Europe with millions of other displaced families. Clinging to their faith, tending to their familiar traditions, their families survive bombs, escape genocide, disease and starvation. Through it all, they love their country, their families, and God.
As teenagers trying to live a normal life in a displaced persons camp in Germany, they go to school in a bombed out factory, enjoy Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and dances. Here neither admits to their first crush, the love of their hearts.
I’m not a spoiler, so I’m not telling you the rest of the story, but believe me when I tell you it is an enviable life filled with love that God orchestrates in the most unlikely way.
Do you believe God has a hand in our love life? If you don’t you may change your mind after reading this story. If you do believe it, then you are going to love the affirmation of this story. As Romance readers, you’ve read a lot of love stories, sweet, poignant, edgy, hurt and lost love. But I bet you haven’t read much about patient love. Contemporary love stories aren’t usually about patience. I Corinthians: 13 names it, but of all the things love is, patient is probably the least practiced in 2014.
My story covers years, a lifetime. The couple I write about are now 84 years young. Their love required time and patience. But, God accomplishes his plan in His own time, doesn’t He? These two lives are models for living and loving patiently in God’s time. Doing the best we can everyday with what we have, we are assured that God will handle the rest. He does indeed inform our love life.  I hope you will enjoy this different kind of romance, and perhaps grasp some world history as well.
Author bio: Deanna K. Klingel, author, has been married to Dave 51 years. “He was my first love,” she says. “God arranged it all.” The couple has raised seven children and now have eleven grandchildren. They enjoy traveling and visiting their family. Deanna travels to book fairs and speaks to schools and civic organizations.
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  1. I like the idea of the story covering a lifetime. God does accomplish his plans in His own time.

  2. What an amazing story this sounds to be. I like unusual stories. Out of adversity..


  3. Thank you Rubynreba and Mary for your comments. I've been on the road and got sick during the trip so I haven't been on line checking and responding as I ought. I'm glad you like the idea of the story covering a lifetime. That was an issue for some publishers who insist that YA must cover only YA-age. But, growing up is what we do! And this story needed the entire lifetime to achieve the end of the story. Mary, yes, out of adversity came much strength. A very strong generation. I want both of you to enjoy the story, so I will send one to each of you. I think you will enjoy it, and if you do, please tell your friends and your bookclubs how to find it. Thanks. Deanna