Sunday, March 16, 2014

James Callan's " A Ton of Gold"

Author James Callan Interviews A Character from A Ton of Gold

Today, I’m interviewing Brandi Brewer, the housemate of Crystal Moore, the protagonist in my latest suspense novel A Ton of Gold (Oak Tree Press).

Callan:  Welcome, Brandi.  Glad to have you on my blog today. First of all, tell us how you happened to share an apartment with Crystal. Did you two go to the same school?

Brandi: Not a chance. I was never too high on schools and Crystal is a real brain.   A friend of mine knew a friend of hers. We met for coffee and hit it off.

Callan:  Okay. And what kind of work do you do?

Brandi:  I work at an answering service.  Actually, my boss calls it a Message Center, or a Contact Center. That’s my day job. My other job is teaching Crystal.

Callan: I’m a little confused.  You said she was smart.

Brandi:  She’s really, really smart – on book learning.  I teach her about the real world.  I teach her the Street U courses.

Callan:  Ah, what kind of things do you teach her?

Brandi:  Stuff you learn from living.  Like, “Finders keepers; losers weepers.”  Like, if you let people walk over you, they’ll just keep on doing it.  You gotta not be a doormat. They try to walk on you, you gotta knock ‘em down.  Do that a few times, they’ll respect you

Callan:  Gotcha. I see you’re wearing a tee that says “Do your own thing.”  Is that another thing you teach her?

Brandi: You got that right.  Like me. My parents named me Bertha.  When I turned 18, I dumped that name.

Callan:  You didn’t like Bertha, I take it.

Brandi:  Would you?  Decided, why should I keep the name of one of Dad’s old girlfriends? I didn’t like it. And I’m sure Mom didn’t either, though she never said that.

Callan:  So, you just had it changed.

Brandi:  Yeah.  Just like my hair.  I got mousey brown hair from my Mom.  Loreal give me this beautiful copper masterpiece.  Dad gave me watery blue eyes.  Accuvue gave me these aqua beauties. Wore braces for two years, after I was twenty.  I’m a self-made woman.

Callan:  Well, I must say you do have gorgeous hair and eyes. I understand you’re going out with a police detective.

Brandi:  Oh yeah. Tom Terrific.  That’s not his real name, but he really is.  Before I met him, I thought all men were scum.  Well, before Tom, all the men I met were scum.  I never knew what the word gentleman meant.  ‘Course, Tom’s pretty tough.  But he’s also a sweetheart around me.

Callan:  So, what’s next for Brandi Brewer?

Brandi:  Find a good man, get married, have my own house, some babies. 

Callan:  Is Tom the right man?

Brandi:  Is this a private thing?  I mean, you’re not going to put this on FaceBook or anything like that?

Callan:  I wouldn’t think of it.

Brandi:  I think Tom might be the one.  But I’m not in a rush.  I need to see if he changes, or if he still treats me like I’m something special after a year or so.  I feel pretty strong about him.  But, I still got to be me, got to do my thing.

Callan:  Anything else you want to add?

Brandi:  Well, maybe I better make it clear.  Crystal’s the nicest person I ever met.  And she’s really smart on so many things, but she doesn’t treat me like I’m dumb or not up to her level.  In fact, she tells me how smart I am.  ‘Course, I’m not smart like she is.  But I do know things she doesn’t.  So we get along great.  I couldn’t ask for a better person to share a house with.  Well, maybe Tom.

Callan:  Thanks, Brandi.  You’ve been a great person to interview.  And I think maybe I need to take some lessons from you.  I know I’ve let a few people walk over me.  


  1. Thanks, Dawn, for hosting my interview with Brandi. She is a very interesting person, and it was fun to interview her. And she and I are both happy to be on your site.

  2. Thanks, Barbara. Brandi was fun writing.

  3. A most telling interview thank you. I love character interviews.


    1. Thanks, Mary. Brandi was a fun character to write. I think I just got her started and she took it from there. Very different from the protagonist (and her housemate). Brandi is making an expanded appearance in my next novel. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Enjoyable interview. Count me in on contest.