Monday, November 18, 2013

Mary L. Hamilton's "Hear No Evil"

Hear No Evil
Hope Springs Books ( a division of Chalfont House)
Cover blurb:
Brady McCaul’s newly remarried mother leaves him at summer camp and says he can’t come home. She doesn’t want him living with her anymore. Brady doesn’t know what he did wrong, but he’s determined not to live with his workaholic father, the guy who left six years ago. To make matters worse, the camp bully targets Brady and overturns his canoe, and the girl with the cute dimples thinks he’s immature and childish. Brady devises a plan to change Mom’s mind but it leaves him in the middle of the lake at night with a storm approaching. Alone in the dark with danger on its way, Brady wonders if even God cares about him.
Will Brady persuade his mom to let him stay with her? Or will a secret revelation change everything?

1) How did this story come to you?
I grew up at a camp where my dad was director, so I knew I wanted to write a story with a camp setting. About that time, my kids had friends who were facing the terrible effects of divorce. A couple of them were told they weren’t wanted anymore, and my heart just ached for them. One day, I realized I could put the two together. I’d write stories about kids who bring all the baggage from their daily life to camp and gain a new perspective, a new way of dealing with the struggles at home.

2) Tell us about the journey to getting this book published.
In 2012, my agent submitted it to four of the big Christian publishers without success. Since two of the three main characters are boys, it will be marketed to boys. But not many publishers are putting out books for boys. And one publisher thought the social issues angle would be hard to sell. In May of 2013, I attended the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference and met Lynellen Perry, editor with Chalfont House. She was very interested in the story and within three weeks, offered me a contract for Hear No Evil as well as two more in the series. She’s been wonderful to work with, and it’s so encouraging when an editor really believes in your book.

3) Tell me three things about yourself that would surprise your readers.
Hmm. I was a VISTA volunteer in 1978-79 (VISTA was a domestic Peace Corps).
I raised three kids without a television in the house.
I’m a connoisseur of chocolate chip cookies.

4) What are you working on now and what's next for you?
For now, I’m finishing up the next novel in the Rustic Knoll Bible Camp series. It’s titled Speak No Evil and will tentatively release in August 2014. After I finish that, I’ll start working on the third book, See No Evil.

5) Parting comments?
hank you so much for letting me join you. I have a free copy of Hear No Evil for one of your readers who leaves a comment. I wrote this with 10-15 year olds in mind, but my favorite kids’ books were always the ones that engaged me as well as my kids. I’ve tried to write in a way that will entertain adults as well as teens and tweens.

6) Where can fans find you on the internet?
I’d love to interact with fans on any of these sites:
Twitter: @mhamilton122

Where to order the book: or


  1. This book sounds very interesting. I co-teach 4th-6th grade Sunday School and feel encouraged to know of an author who is writing Christian stories for boys. I expect the homeschool market would be happy to know about this book. It would be good to offer it at homeschool fairs.
    Blessings, Jsmithg(at)hotmail(dot)com

  2. I would love to read this book. I already received the email updates.

    wwchildren at gmail dot com

  3. Please enter me. Sounds like a good book for my granddaughter.
    jrs362 at Hotmail dot com

  4. Janice, Wilani, and Anonymous, thank you all for your interest. I am working on contacts with my local homeschool groups and would love to participate in a fair. Good idea!

  5. Hear No Evil would be a great addition for my grand children's reading shelf.
    Thank You

  6. I would love to win this book for my church library. Thanks for the opportunity to do so.
    Janet E.

    1. This would be a great addition to a church library. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  7. I think that the best children's books can be enjoyed by grown ups too.

    I grew up in a household where the television was rarely on. We read.


    1. Mary, I hope you'll be able to enjoy reading Hear No Evil! Thanks for your comments!

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  9. Janice has won the copy of Hear No Evil. Thanks to everyone who participated. Check out my blog next week for another chance to win a book.
    Thanks also to KDawnByrd for hosting me. God bless!